Module 1

Diagnosis, treatment planning, record taking, case presentation and retention

3-day program, including 1 day hands-on – CPD 64 hours

  • Orthodontic goals of treatment including Andrews six keys of occlusion
  • Classification and aetiolgy of maloclussion
  • Conventional orthodontic diagnosis
  • Orthodontic clinical examination and patient concerns
  • Developing a problem list and goals of treatment and formulation of a treatment plan
  • Orthodontic record collection -intraoral and extra oral photographs, radiographs, cephalometric analysis, impression
  • Technique and space calculation
  • Digital treatment planning
  • 3D orthodontic diagnosis and VTO (Visual Treatment Objective)
  • Extraction vs Non-Extraction, how to make the decision
  • Case presentation techniques—the keys to successful conversion
  • Retention as it applies to diagnosis
  • Case portal and 3 d viewer
  • The successful integration of orthodontics into a general practice.
  • Kathy Metaxis – Patient conversion

Hands on component will include:

  • Loading cases onto the portal
  • Cephalometric analysis
  • Space analysis
  • Photography and PVS impressions

Lecture by Dr Geoff Hall, The OrthoED Institute.

Following the completion of this 3-day program, the participant will understand the difference between a physiological and pathological occlusion and the orthodontic goals for the treatment both functionally and aesthetically. They will be able to diagnose orthodontic cases that vary from simple to more complex and develop a problem list and formulate a problem list and individual treatment plan. They will understand good orthodontic records and learn the tools for digital treatment planning, 3D orthodontic diagnosis and case presentation and have a full understanding of orthodontic retention, relapse and to plan retention based on the patients’ individual needs. They will also start their preparation to integrate orthodontics into their general practice, effectively, efficiently and profitably.

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Ever since I have known Geoff he has impressed me with his unwavering passion and dedication to better himself as an Orthodontist with a singular purpose of providing the best of care for his patients. And as a result he has developed unique knowledge, skills and insights into the practice of Orthodontics. These he very eloquently and energetically shares with colleagues in his courses making them fun and professionally very rewarding.
 Geoff is “Primus inter pares”…a first amongst equals

Dr Rohit Sachdeva, Founder and developer of suresmile, and inventor of the copper niti archwire.



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