Module 7

Management of Class III Malocclusions and Vertical and Transverse Dysplasia

2-day program – CPD 27 hours

  • Management of severe skeletal discrepancies- sagitally vertically, and/or transversally
  • Diagnosis of class 3 malocclusions and how to treat the various types
  • Correcting transverse discrepancies
  • Management of vertical dysplasia-the deep overbite and open bite both dentally and skeletally
  • Orthognathic surgery and pre surgical orthodontics and post surgical detailing
  • Oral surgeon on orthognathic surgery – Dr Tom Sunderland

Lecture by Dr Geoffrey Hall, The OrthoEd Institute.

Presentation from Dr Tom Sutherland included.

Following this two day program, the more difficult malocclusions such as the Class III malocclusion and significant vertical and transverse dysplasia will be discussed from a diagnosis and treatment point of view, and the benefits of the previous courses involving advanced biomechanics and the use of the virtual treatment objective will help to plan and manage these more difficult cases.This programme will also incorporate pre-surgical and surgical orthodontics with an emphasis on post surgical finishing.

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Ever since I have known Geoff he has impressed me with his unwavering passion and dedication to better himself as an Orthodontist with a singular purpose of providing the best of care for his patients. And as a result he has developed unique knowledge, skills and insights into the practice of Orthodontics. These he very eloquently and energetically shares with colleagues in his courses making them fun and professionally very rewarding.
 Geoff is “Primus inter pares”…a first amongst equals

Dr Rohit Sachdeva, Founder and developer of suresmile, and inventor of the copper niti archwire.



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