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The OrthoED Institute offers a framework for general dentists/Dental practitioners to undertake, develop and extend their orthodontic education and knowledge. The institute offers a complete combination of the skill sets and components needed to implement orthodontics in to your practice with confidence, while having full support from the institute team.

EmBrace Transformation within your practice with our 9 educational modules on orthodontics is easily achievable over a 2 year training period . However we also include offer webinars through the year, pre-module online training, full orthodontic case support and treatment planning if required , in-practice training sessions, giving you an integrated and immersive orthodontic education to implement within your practice efficiently and profitably.

Experience Delivered – Dr Geoffrey Hall, with over 28 years experience, 10,000 orthodontic cases and founder of Smilefast, is the institute head and has been presenting and lecturing orthodontic topics for over 20 years nationally and internationally. Along with special webinar guests and guest lecturers at the courses which will include, cosmetic, endodontic , periodontic,oral surgery and practice management specialists.

The OrthoED Institute Mini Masters Course will give you the skills and confidence to treat more complex cases, and also give you a solid foundation of knowledge that can also be applied to clear aligner treatment, however your ability in treating simple ,moderate and even more challenging cases , will be done with precision, detail and efficiency. A delighted patient, a new referral and income source and increased satisfaction in your dental practice from a profitable orthodontic treatment process.

Dr Geoff Hall, Institute Head.

“Having completed my Dental education and then studying Orthodontics, I realised where my passion in Dentistry was. Having successfully run my own practice, Advanced Orthodontics, and completing over 10,000 cases, the orthodontic landscape was changing, and was becoming out of reach for many patients, either financially or by location. I knew that many cases were simple and that led me to develop Smilefast for General Dentists in 2011. 6 years later and with over 500 dentists trained in Smilefast, I discovered a joy in educating others, thus forming the structured orthodontic education for 2019/2020 via The OrthoED Institute.”

The Mini Masters – Orthodontic Education backed with Excellent support.

The 2 year Mini Master course is essential for Doctors and practices to treat full orthodontic cases.

Our Testimonials


Ever since I have known Geoff he has impressed me with his unwavering passion and dedication to better himself as an Orthodontist with a singular purpose of providing the best of care for his patients. And as a result he has developed unique knowledge, skills and insights into the practice of Orthodontics. These he very eloquently and energetically shares with colleagues in his courses making them fun and professionally very rewarding.
 Geoff is “Primus inter pares”…a first amongst equals

Dr Rohit Sachdeva, Founder and developer of suresmile, and inventor of the copper niti archwire.




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