Q1. What makes OrthoED different to other courses?

A. OrthoED is based on sound orthodontic principles which can be used in conjunction with most other systems. All taught by a local specialist orthodontist who has completed over 10,000 cases. You will have comprehensive training in biomechanics and risk management, enabling you to understand the science of tooth movement and reducing treatment time and unwanted side effects. We offer ongoing support with a team of consultants who will not provide conflicting treatment planning advice. Additionally, all orthodontic cases, together with doctor communication are stored in our secure Windows based online doctor portal.

Q2. I have done other courses so what can you offer me that I already don’t know?

Apart from providing the most comprehensive orthodontic training for dentists delivered through nine discrete modules and practical workshop, course participants learn first hand from a specialist orthodontist who is willing to share his successes and failures over his nearly thirty years of clinical orthodontic experience. Through the course, you will be given the tools to implement orthodontics in your practice, making it more profitable. Clinically, you’ll come to know how to achieve predictable outcomes from a world leading expert providing professional mentoring.

Q3. Is introducing orthodontics into my practice profitable?

A. We will work with you to set up systems in your practice to build profitability into your practice of orthodontics. Following the training, system and model we’ve developed, doctors have the potential to increase practice net profit by $150,000 per year.

Q4 What support do you offer?

A. Support to course participants is delivered in several ways. Doctors can access our Windows based portal to load all of patient cases. All communication is stored in the patient’s file with the ability to upload photographs and PDF documents. A diagnosis and treatment planning service is available for all of cases at an additional cost, providing total confidence all questions and concerns will be answered. We also provide full support for your team to ensure smooth implementation of orthodontics into your practice.

Q5 Is this course only for dentists with orthodontics experience?

A. It is not a requirement for doctors to have previous orthodontic experience, however we do recommend to doctors who don’t have experience that they attend a Smilefast course prior to commencing the Mini Master. This provides the benefit of gaining a basic understanding or orthodontics and being able to treat some simple cases.

Q6 I have been told orthodontics should be done by a specialist. Why will I be able to do it?

A. Course participants are taught sound orthodontic principles and biomechanics giving them a comprehensive understanding of tooth movement. Considerable time is taken in the teaching of risk management, avoiding unwanted side effects, and understanding which cases should be referred to a specialist orthodontist. This is all underpinned by consistent mentoring, guidance and support in diagnosis and treatment planning. Predictable and precise bracket placement is also available using our fully digital indirect bonding system.

Q7 Is support from a general dentist or orthodontist?

A. Support for doctors is always delivered via a specialist orthodontist.

Q8 Will I have the same mentor supporting me for each case?

A. All doctor support is overseen by our specialist orthodontist.

Q9 If I have no experience, will I be able to do clinical orthodontics after this program?

A. Due to the program being delivered over a two year period, we gradually build knowledge, skills, and experience throughout the course. This gives course participants the confidence to treat patients in a supported environment.

Q10 After which module will I be able to start doing cases?

A. Doctors will have a great understanding of which patients they can treat on completion of module 1 and module 2 as we start developing the knowledge and applying the tools that enable treatment of patients with fixed appliances.

Q11 What percentage of cases will I be able to treat?

A. Providing a doctor has worked through the program of modules following our guidance, we would suggest it’s possible to treat approximately 95 percent of orthodontic cases.

Q12 How do I submit cases to you for support and indirect bonding?

A. All cases are loaded onto our secure, online Windows based portal. This mean there is not outlay for expensive software. Additionally, all doctor communication is stored in the patient file and can be amended or added to at any time.

Q13 Do I have to attend the full Mini Masters course?

A. It would be most beneficial to attend all of the modules, but participants are most welcome to attend individual modules of interest.

Q14 Will there be practical hands on workshops?

A. Five of our eight modules contain practical hands on workshops

Q15 Is there support for treatment planning?

A. Our experienced specialist orthodontist will work closely with doctors to get the correct diagnosis and treatment plan if that’s the kind of support they’d like.

Q16 What type of cases will I be able to treat after the course?

A. You will be able to treat most adults and children requiring orthodontic therapy in your practice using a selection of fixed appliances, aligners and functional appliances. The course teaches which cases are best referred to a specialist orthodontist

Q17 Do I have to use OrthoED brackets?

A. OrthoED uses a library of “off-the-shelf” popular brackets, which can be purchased from local orthodontic supply companies.

Q18 Do I need to purchase any instruments or kits?

A. A list of instruments together with the supplier details are sent to doctors prior to each module. Instruments can be also purchased from a doctor’s preferred supplier.

Q19 I will need my team to assist with delivery of orthodontic treatment. How do I train my staff?

A. Your team members are always welcome to attend any of the modules at no extra cost, but we do offer a specific staff module, covering how to implement orthodontics into your practice, orthodontic administration, systems and clinical training. We are always happy to work with your team via email or over the phone to ensure smooth implementation of orthodontics into your practice.

Q20 Will I be taught how to position brackets

A. You will be taught how to position brackets correctly, however we do have a fully digital indirect bonding service which takes all of the stress out of bracket placement, resulting in precise positioning and predictable tooth movement. Using our 3D viewer for digital setups, bracket position are noted clearly making it placement easier.

Q21 In which cities do these courses take place?

A. Two modules are scheduled in each of the following cities – Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Q22 Are these courses just for dentists?

A. No, the courses can be taken by hygienists and oral health therapists.

Q23 Do you have any special offers at the moment?

A. When making your payment in full, our gift to doctors is a $1500 Flight Centre voucher and for Hygienists a $600 Flight Centre voucher. Our Early Bird Pricing is valid until January 15, 2019. You will receive $1,000 voucher for team training with Platinum Management Group, one-on-one video mentoring for two cases and two complimentary invitations for team training module. The total extra value for early bird registration is $4,400.

Q24 Do you offer payment plans to make this affordable?

A. We have an interest free no deposit option with 24 equal monthly payments when registering for the full course. We do not offer payment plans when registering for individual modules only.

Q25 Do I have to complete all of the modules in two years?

A. If you’re unable to complete the eight modules of the Mini Masters in the two year period, the program can be extended to three or even four years, at no additional cost.